chocolate and red velvet cupcakes with a small chocolate cake

Brett's Cake

buttermilk pound cake with pastry cream and buttercream frosting

Orange Dahlias

fondant cake with gum paste and fresh flowers

Jodi's Cake

alternating chocolate and vanilla cake with buttercream frosting

Traditional Wedding Cake

traditional wedding cake topper

Circus Tent

fondant circus tent with paper bunting
photo courtesy of Yvonne Wong Photography

Gum Paste Flowers

fondant cake with handmade gum paste flowers

Demo Cakes

fondant cakes with royal icing scrollwork

Grapevine Cake

chocolate cake with cascading buttercream grapevines


chiffon cake with lemon curd and buttercream frosting

Baby Cradle

fondant cake with sugar cradle and gum paste flowers

Baby Shower

simple baby shower cake

Gone Fishin'

fisherman themed birthday cake with handmade modeling chocolate figurines

Mini Cakes

left: mini rum cakes with coconut
right: mini cheesecakes with fresh fruit

Marzipan Roses

fondant covered cake with handmade marzipan roses

Beach Theme Cake

beach themed birthday cake

Simple Birthday Cake

simple birthday cake

Pillar Cakes

traditional tiered wedding cakes